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We will take the pain and mystery out of estate planning for you and your family. We cannot predict when we should have executed our own will, our trust or our Powers of Attorney because we never know what might happen on a given day. If a controversy arises after the passing of a loved one, we can bring that conflict into our mediation process to resolve it short of going to court as well.

All too often today, we hear of the tragic unexpected accident that took your colleague away or the sudden onset illness, escalating in the wrong direction, leaving a family without knowledge of their loved one's wishes.

At McMurdie Law we hear of these situations all too often. There is a plan right for you and your estate to manage your affairs should the unwanted occur. Peace of mind results when you have created the plan to provide for the care of yourself, your family and your estate.

When we meet with you, we will discuss a plan to protect, maintain and grow your estate. We will help you understand the importance of making sure your wishes for the distribution of your estate is planned by you in advance and conveyed in your documents.

Your Powers of Attorney grant an agent you have chosen to make important decisions regarding your medical care and your financial management should you become unable to do so. Your will and trust will plan your distribution once you pass on and make things easy for your loved ones. Your will and trust will also create a streamlined distribution for your loved ones. To further ensure that your family is aware of your wishes, Cristi conducts family meetings so that future misunderstandings are avoided.

Experienced in probate matters, we can often shorten the process and ensure that your will is probated correctly.

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