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People who use divorce mediation do not have to go to court. They are more satisfied with their agreements, spend less on fees, and get faster results. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that uses an impartial mediation attorney who can’t be a witness in court either to help you engage in conflict constructively and get through the difficult issues. The mediator helps to identify key issues and gather relevant information such as budgets, business records, tax returns and property valuations. They use their resources to help you help yourself.

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Mediators do not tell people how they should resolve their differences, but some mediators may offer suggestions for the parties to consider. When the parties reach decisions or want to make agreements, the mediator may also assist with preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding or a written agreement to submit to Court as an agreed order. Mediation often saves both time and money for clients. More importantly, mediation allows the parties themselves to retain control over the process and outcomes, including the terms of agreement.

For more information, please visit the website for the Association of Conflict Resolution.

McMurdie Law Office - Personal and Family Mediation

Divorce and Post-Divorce Mediation
“WHYmediation” (dba of McMurdie Law) is designed to expedite your divorce and post-divorce process, saving time and money by enabling you and your spouse to communicate on crucial issues. Today, a Court doesn't have time to hear these issues with their overburdened case loads. Most clients report satisfaction with the outcomes - including the time and money saved.


Mediation for Parents and Children
Families sometimes struggle with communicating to each other, leading to misunderstandings and arguments. Use a mediator to engage in different ways of addressing festering problems and reach new agreements on your words and actions! Your family agreements are written up and utilized as a new Family Operating Plan. Our mediators have a wealth of experience working with blended or traditional family structures.


Domestic Partner Mediation
The law often does not provide the same legal rights and protections to partners who have lived together, even though they "might as well have been married". This situation does not mean that the two partners want anything less than to reach a fair result in dividing assets, debts and other responsibilities and promises. A skilled divorce mediator can ease the process to help the domestic partnership peacefully dissolve with or without a written agreement.


Grandparent – Parent Mediation
Grandparents provide a special role in grandchildren’s lives. With so many newly structured and blended families today, grandparents or aunts and uncles can often be left out of the equation after years of meaningful bonds with grandchildren. Medation seeks to expand visiting time with grandchildren through skilled mediation, and set defined parameters that make both parents and grandparents comfortable.


Probate Mediation
When siblings question the intent of a deceased parent's will or trust, often years and a portion of the remaining estate is spent trying to determine that intent in court. The remaining family relationships and assets can be salvaged through mediation.


McMurdie Law Office - Commercial Mediation

Real Estate Mediation
Transactions can be lost at the closing over a misunderstood term or failed agreement. When both the buyer and seller want the deal to go through, but they come to an impasse, mediation can sometimes move it back into a realistic contract.


Landlord/Tenant Mediation
At the beginning or the ending of a lease, people are careful over terms. Somehow in the middle, rent is late, repairs are late and the resentment grows to the point that either the Landlord or the Tenant is ready to breach more material terms. Try mediation before it gets to that stage, because the remedy is often easier for both parties than creating something entirely new with new landlords or tenants.


Business Contracts Mediation
About to lose the deal? Somebody has changed their mind after the deal was made? Are there threats of suing for breach of contract? Try mediation – either binding or non-binding, confidential or transcribed for your particular situation.


WHY made my divorce quick, easy and cheap!

Cristi and Dawn were amazing and so helpful and made the process easy for me. I will definitely use WHY again in the future and will refer my friends and family.






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"Cristi wears several hats as she operates a law firm, is a divorce mediator and also a dream coach, one might think that this would be difficult but Cristi exhibits true professionalism and expertise in each endeavor. Whether you need legal counsel, help with divorce or want to become more attuned to your life's passion, I would highly recommend seeking Cristi's services, she is a true professional."






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"Cristi is vivacious and spiritual...she is an outstanding advocate and practitioner of our mutual profession of mediation. She is tireless."



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"Cristi McMurdie and her colleagues are doing some really innovative work in the area of Divorce Mediation around Greater Phoenix Arizona."



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"Cristi McMurdie is able to go deep to the core of an issue or situation and identify what needs to be addressed. She is insightful, deeply conscious of the many levels at play, and courageous in accessing a wisdom that results in positive solutions for all. Cristi is a powerful presence for good, and you will be grateful she's touched your life."



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"WHY made my divorce quick, easy and cheap!

Cristi and Dawn were amazing and so helpful and made the process easy for me. I will definitely use WHY again in the future and will refer my friends and family."


Daniel Amparan ::